Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet Deborah Sloan

Our Locks of Love charity event has given us the opportunity to meet amazing people who have given a part of themselves to Locks of Love. They have given the greatest gift they could to this amazing organization, their hair. We continue to honor and say thank you to people who have made such a generous donation. This week we would like to introduce you to Deborah Sloan.

Deborah is a grandmother of ten and last August found out she was going to soon be a grandmother to eleven. Enjoying the moment of finding out about another child on the way and still feeling young at heart Deborah felt it was time for a grandma makeover. For years, she had “hippie” hair that went down to her waist and just got comfortable with her style. It was something she just had not changed in years and when thinking about doing it was nervous. What would she look like, what new style to choose and how much would it cost were all things Deborah was concerned about.

When she decided to take the plunge and cut her hair Deborah had one condition. Her cut hair was going to be donated to Locks of Love. At the end of August 2009 Deborah took the plunge, her granddaughter braided her hair and her daughter cut the long braid off. For the first time in years Deborah had chin length hair.
Deborah sites why giving to Locks of Love was so important to her.

“Giving it to Locks of Love was my one condition to my family in agreeing to cut my hair. I would only cut it if it went to Locks of Love because I know what these kids suffer through. There was a time I was losing my hair because of medications I was taking. It's a horrible feeling. But it stopped and thanks to some terrific friends who supported me my hair all came back.”

Like so many others Deborah has shared her love and given a smile to a child who otherwise might not have one.

If you would like to read more about Deborah you can visit her at her blog, Babas Farm Life,

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