Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome Home Sean and Congratulations David Goldman!!!!!

I cannot imagine that David Goldman's story did not pull at the heartstrings of everyone who has heard it. I have followed the story closely since first learning about it on the Today Show many months back. No parent should have to experience having their child taken away from them and then have over five years of court battles to get their child back.

I have felt joy for David Goldman each time it looked like he won a court ruling and felt overwhelming sorrow for him when another road block was put before him. However, David Goldman won his battle and the Brazlian Supreme Court granted him his right to bring his son back home to New Jersey.

I would like to extend my sincere happiness to David Goldman and wish him and Sean a very joyous homecoming. I hope that all the pain and trauma that the events over the past five years have caused is quickly replaced by love and happiness and a new life full of good times.

The mishandling of this case at all levels of the Brazilian courts should be an embarrassment to not only the courts but to the country of Brazil. David Goldman loves his son and the Brazlian system robbed him of many years with Sean. He was robbed of many smiles, many hugs, many I Love You's and he was robbed of the opportunity to watch his baby grow into a boy. We can only hope that time will heal the wounds and that the times to come are happy ones.

Once again, Congratulations to David Goldman for keeping hope alive, for not giving up and for loving your son the way you do. Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year to You!!!!


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  2. Just watched Dateline, Congratulations David Goldman and Sean Goldman. From: Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I have been in a similiar position and the pain that you've been through will be well worth the future love you can show your son. I am so happy for you both. Now, you can relax with no new grey hairs. Again, congratulations and I wish you all the best for your future. I had followed your story and you David, are awe inspiring. Now you can experience all the good new stuff!