Friday, December 11, 2009

Cookie Cutters For the Holidays is a great site for anyone who loves to bake. They offer a full selection of cookie cutters with themes ranging from a typical star or heart to more unique themes such a dog breed specific cookie cutters, college mascot cookie cutters, United States cookie cutters with all the states represented and character cookie cutters such as Mickey Mouse, Batman and Star Wars.

I had the opportunity to use the mini Christmas Cookie Cutter set this week. The set consists of a Christmas tree, a mini stocking, a mini candy cane, and a mini angel cookie cutter. I had a lot of fun using these cookie cutters as they cut the cookie dough easily and the shapes of each piece came out perfect. This set is referred to as "mini" however the cookie size was perfect for that bite size snack or for a treat for your little one.

If you are a baker and love to bake cookies, is the place for you. It is a one stop shop covering all the different themes and shapes you would want as a baker. Another wonderful thing about is that they will custom make a design for you. This is a great option if you are having a special event and want to have a special cookie.

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