Friday, October 9, 2009

Mom Sends the Message: Keep Your Mind on the Wheel

We have all worried about the threat presented by drunk drivers and we have all felt the need to be on the defense when driving. With the advances in technology a new threat has presented itself on our roads, one that is as threatening and deadly as drunk driving and that is the practice of texting, emailing and talking on the cell phone while driving.

A new public service campaign has been started by to educate mothers on the danger of being distracted while driving and to encourage moms across the country to take the pledge to not drive while distracted. Mothers (and fathers) hold a lot of power, we set examples for our children, we help mold their values, we set the rules in our houses and ultimately we control if and when our children can use our cars. What better way to teach and encourage our children to practice safe driving practices then by taking the pledge ourselves and setting a good example for them. We not only have a lot of influence over our children but we have it in our communities. Through our schools, PTA’s and community organizations such the mom’s clubs we can help spread the word, the message is simple, “Keep your mind on the wheel”. is holding a contest for a public service announcement. It is easy, videotape a PSA showing what distracted driving is, keep it is simple and short, no more than 1 minute 30 seconds, upload your video to a video site like You Tube, and post it here using embedded code. Contest ends October 23. For more details click here.

Cash prizes are available to the winners. If you are a member of a club such as the PTA, a Mom’s Club or a community organization ban together and create a video, if you win your winning can go to support your group. If you create your own video you could be the winner of a nice cash prize. It takes a small effort to create big buzz so why not be a part of this exciting campaign. If you are unable to create a video, tell your friends, blog about this great cause or just take the pledge.

I am happy to say I am an ambassador for Mom Sends the Message. Get involved and help spread the word. The more we talk about it the more we can build awareness to this problem and ultimately help save lives on our roads.

Click here or click on the sign the pledge logo above to be one of the many taking to pledge to make our roads and children safer.

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