Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween is Almost Here- So Go Out and BOO

I first learned about being BOOED three years ago. It was about 3 weeks before Halloween and one night around 8:00 the door bell rang. It took me by surprise as it was late for someone to be dropping by. Chaos followed with the dogs barking, kids screaming and me trying to get to the front door to see who was coming by for a visit. When I finally got to the door no one was there. I just happen to look down and saw a big bowl of candy with some little toys, a note and a Ghost as shown in the picture above.

The note read as follows:

It's A BOO Bag!!!


The Phantom Ghost Has Come Around
To Leave You Some Goodies That You Have Found.
If You Do Not Wish A Curse To Fall,
Please Continue This Greeting... This Ghostly Call.

First Post This Ghost Where It Can Be Seen,
On A Door Or Window Until Halloween.
Than No Other Ghost Will Visit Again.
Be Sure To Participate.. If You Don't, Tis A Sin.

Make Two Treats, Two Ghosts, And Two Notes, That's The Plan,
Then Take To Two Neighbors As Soon As You Can.
You Have Only One Day So Be Very Fast,
Leave Treats At A Home Where No Ghost Has Yet Passed.

Deliver After Dark When There's Barely A Light,
Ring The Doorbell And Run, Then Stay Out of Sight.
Don't Let Them See You, Be Sneaky No Doubt,
Check Back To Be Sure That They Put Their Ghost Out!

And Last But Not Least, Come Join In The Season.
Don't Worry, Be Happy.. You Have Great Reason.
Have Fun And Be Scary... Try Not To BeSeen.
And Share In The Spirit Of This Halloween!

This is a yearly tradition in my neighborhood and we enjoy it
. Start it where you live and have some fun.

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