Saturday, July 25, 2009

The New Official Birthday Cake of The American Cancer Society

A few months ago I introduced you to The American Cancer Society’s new mission, to celebrate more birthdays; because the more birthdays that are celebrated the more people are defeating cancer. Due to efforts to encourage people to eat healthier, stay well, find cures and fight back against cancer more than 11 million people who have survived or avoided cancer will celebrate a birthday this year.

Since healthy living translates into less cancer The American Cancer Society teamed up with The Culinary Institute of America to reinvent the birthday cake. Baking and pastry students from The Culinary Institute of America were asked to come up with a cake recipe that was easy to make and that offered healthy ingredients in lieu of the not so healthy ingredients usually found in cakes. Culinary Institute of America alumni along with the star of Food Network's "Ace of Cakes" Chef Duff Goldman
joined in on the effort to help select the winner.

The students had to submit and original cake recipe with a summary as to why their cake was healthier and how it improved the nutritional value of the cake as compared to the traditional birthday cake. The five finalists selected were Alexandra Mudry
, Arthur Battistini, Tamara King, Lorraine Tran and Laura Sansone. Duff Goldman selected the winner Alexandra Mudry at his Charm City Cakes studio bakery. The final judging will air on the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes.

Click here for the recipe of the winning red velvet birthday cake. Congratulations to Alexandra Mudry!!!

Help join The American Cancer Society’s effort to celebrate more birthdays. Spread the word about their new, official birthday cake and help inspire the people you love to eat and live healthier. Visit the ACS at to see how you can be part of the celebration movement. You can also spread the word on Facebook or by visiting

Read Duff Goldman's message to the supporters of the More Birthdays campaign by clicking here.

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