Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday Parties- Why Not Make Some Fun at Home?

Birthday parties have changed significantly since I was a child. It used to be that a few friends came over, everyone played and the highlight was cake and opening presents. Today on the other hand birthday parties have turned into major events. Parties have to be planned weeks in advance in order to secure a venue and invitations need to be sent out weeks in advance in the hopes that people are still available come your party date. Not only have the parties gotten more extravagant but so have the favors. Favors have gone from what used to be a bag of candy and maybe a few “crackerjack” type toys to presents in and of themselves.

Where I live the average cost of a birthday party is somewhere between $400-$500. That includes the place, the cake, food and the favors. What has happened to the simple home party and why do we need to indulge our children in such extravagance at such a young age?

Since I find this all so crazy I have decided to share with you some fun at home party ideas. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting fun and creative parties for your girls that would satisfy any age. For those with boys, I will also share ideas for fun boy or boy girl parties.

To start this series I would like to introduce the "Glam Girl or Princess Party". It is easy; tell all your guests to come in dress up clothes. If you have a girl anything like mine than finding dress up clothes is not hard to do. Buy some nail polish, set mirrors and brushes on the table and do hair and nails. If the girls are old enough makeup can be incorporated. Being a mom, you know how to do hair and nails, so you can be the stylist. To add to the excitement your party favor can be a fun hair accessory, a hair brush and mirror set, or nail polish. After all the girls are done up you can serve cake and let the them play and have fun with each other.

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